More Updates

I got an email this morning concerning the submissions I had put into my school’s literary journal at Christmastime. I wasn’t accepted, which was sad. But I will try again the same time this year, and hopefully one of those will be accepted.

I took off several days (two) from my story, which was difficult, but I feel today is the day I get back to it. I have written 43 pages and not 44 like I had told someone last night. Things are getting interesting, and the ideas for further development are still flowing.

My portfolio was graded, and I got something like 72/73 out of 75 on it. My teacher did not like the revision to the poem that everyone else enjoyed on here, nor did she like my drama piece. I went back through her original grading for the first one, and she said NOTHING. The portfolio piece (to which I added all of a plate and fork), she had comments on. Mainly that she felt I spent too much time focusing on Aidan’s search for the gym bag. Why tell me this after the fact? This would have been useful information for me before I submitted the portfolio. I knew there was a reason I didn’t like her. She probably was told what I said about her in the end-of-term survey, even though they’re supposed to be confidential. Nonetheless, she has not cast me down (Doesn’t that just sound amazing?), and I shall persevere.

I kind of want to show you more of the Matt and Aidan story. Some of you have been really supportive about it–and you all know who you are, and I feel like sharing it. And I promise that as soon as it’s finished and edited, I will find someplace for you to read it. Since I don’t know about its length at the moment, I have to look into places to do that. I don’t write in chapters, so I can’t split it up. Anyway, look for that little share in a following post.

Also, I might be moving in the next couple of months, so look for that update when it becomes more concrete.


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