Fun Time is Coming

  • My mom’s iPhone arrives today, and she’s about as excited as I was this time last year (which shocks me).
  • My parents are leaving sometime this afternoon for their trip to Roseville, and my sisters and I are beyond excited.
  • I am back writing the story, until History swallows me up for my Mid-term research paper next week.

And how did I spend last night?

Very occasionally sipping at this lovely bottle:



3 Replies to “Fun Time is Coming”

  1. Hi,

    Your last 2 posts have not been found by my browser – the site keeps saying page not found. The same thing happened yesterday.



    1. I honestly don’t know what’s going on. It would make sense if I’d deleted them, but I haven’t. I’ve been having issues with the WordPress app for my phone and I’m wondering if that’s it. I’ll look into it.

      Thanks for alerting me!

    2. John,

      If you’re using a phone app to view the blog, it might be the cause. I had two likes on my St. Patrick’s Day post. WordPress’ app for my iPhone has locked me out, disabling my ability to view comments or reply to them (I am on my computer writing this). I can’t even create posts from my phone, since the app update last week, because the app tells me I have tried logging into my account too many times unsuccessfully when I haven’t even tried. I think you follow via email, but if you’re using a recently updated version of a phone app, that might be the problem.

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