Questioning My Abilities–UPDATED

UPDATE 3/22/13: I just want to thank everyone who has commented thus far for their comments. I am sorry it took me so long to reply to them, but I got into watching The Hobbit and I didn’t notice my phone chiming.

I am writing this Thursday night. 

I am reading fan-fiction, and questioning my writing ability. I am 99% sure this is a completely normal process, but I seriously question whether I can write and that those of you who like or comment on the posts where I showcase my stories/poems are just stringing me along.

I sometimes question if I am leaving out descriptive words, or being too descriptive. It’s a thin line between great and mediocre writing. I have stepped away from my story again, and my midterm paper is due next week, so there goes that free time I would have used for writing my story.

And as I read fan-fictions about Gwaine or Merthur, I wonder if I really suck at writing. I can picture Gwaine/Eoin (as they’re sometimes written) making the tight faces of someone who is angry, and I wonder if I convey the same thing for those who read my work.

I am not asking you bolster me; just tell me if I suck.

Thank you.


4 Replies to “Questioning My Abilities–UPDATED”

  1. No, you definitely do not suck. Writing is a process (as you well know), and critiquing oneself is one of the ways you learn and grow as a writer. Ironically, I began writing fan fiction myself because I was reading Ghost Hunters fan fiction, and a lot of the stuff I was reading flat out sucked. No story line, nothing differentiating one character from another, no descriptions of anything, not to mention horrific grammar and spelling. I started writing because I figured I could do better, and I think I did (maybe that soulnds snobbish, but I seriously think my writing is tons better than a lot of what was out there). Lol, now that I’m reading Merlin fan fiction, I don’t always feel so confident; these fans KNOW how to write, so I’m always now questioning my abilities and wondering if I should just give up and write parenting articles or something.
    Anyway, as I said, I don’t think you suck at all. I just think you’re struggling and growing as a writer, measuring your abilities against other writers, and that’s a healthy thing to do.

    1. I am only in the first half of my first year of college, so I still have a ways to go before my ability gets stronger. What feedback I have received on the stories and poems I’ve posted on here has been positive and very constructive. I started writing after my Grandpa died, as a way to deal with the grief. It evolved rather quickly into stories, and I enjoy reading fanfiction–I just don’t admit it to my family.

  2. You don’t suck at all – you have a really free style. The only reason I haven’t commented on it is because so far your subject matter is not my cup of tea. Maybe you could do some nice Sam/Sookie fan fiction – there is hardly any out there and what there is is rubbish. Just a thought 🙂

    1. That would be different for me. What fanfic I do write is mostly crap, and I have never published it. Besides, it was during my Twilight days, so I basically just read it now,

      I am kind of shocked though that there isn’t much Sam/Sookie fics out there.

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