It’s Sunday

Yes, it’s also Easter, but that isn’t anything I give a hoot about since I entered my twenties. While I have Catholic leanings, I still dislike Easter like the Bubonic Plague. Lent ended yesterday while I was having a fabulous margarita at Chili’s for my sister’s birthday, and now I can officially return to the vice I gave up for a personal quest to see if I could give up something for Lent. It was hard, since I was tempted to do it in the last two weeks.

My paper is on the way to being completed. Thankfully the deadline was extended in observance of Easter. I spent several hours doing research, only to reread the guidelines and discover I wasted pretty much the whole day. You want to see my reaction?

Yep. that was definitely what I was feeling there. So, I embark on this again tomorrow,  and turn it in at the last minute, going against what I said I was going to do. Luckily, the Humanities paper I wrote without much time left was spectacular. I went through three different pieces of art to compare/contrast before finally deciding on The Dying Gaul and The Dying Slave, by an unknown artist and Michelangelo, respectively.

I need to revise Part 5 of the story, and everything will be in readiness for the mass upload. I am going to go through Booksie exclusively, so that you have the option of putting each part into .PDF format and making it into a book. Although, this means I pray you’re all nice people and not stealing my story. I also might revise the whole thing and put up there as another option for those who want to read the whole thing. I’d have to go through the revisions, because I changed some things.

And registration for Term 6 (which falls during my birthday) is up. I chose my classes, and was intent to register myself, but I didn’t know how to tell if the classes are full up or not. So I emailed my Advisor, who’s out of the office until Tuesday. I will be taking Sociology and Philosophy, which my Advisor assured me would be lightweight enough that I could take my birthday off.

Now as a reward for nearly killing myself in the process of this paper, I am going to buy my birthday present.


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