In the dark night he found her,
Her nose buried in a beloved book;
Its pages worn and cover falling to pieces.

She glances up from her captivating novel,
Her brown eyes glistening with mirth.
She offers him a warm smile
As he asks if he can sit at her table.

“Everywhere else is full,” he murmurs.
She nods, and moves her things.
Once again, her nose is back in her book.
He falls in love with her, even though
They’ve not spoken two words back to each other.

She looks up again from her book,
A soft blush painting her cheeks.
She apologizes for being rude.

They decide to brave the weather,
And walk in the rain.
He offers her his raincoat,
But she opens her arms to
the sky and spins like a child.

Captivated by the moment,
He pulls her into his arms,
And presses a warming kiss to her wet lips.

It’s as though they’re meeting
For the the first time;
Except they’ve known each other
For five years.

–April 4, 2013


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