More Fourth Term Highlights

We have entered the Middle Ages in Western Civilization, and are studying Greek/Roman art in Humanities. While the Middle Ages is the beginning of my areas of interest in history, I have been doing incredibly bad at the end-of-module quizzes. I currently have an 80% in the class, and would be delighted if I pass the course with a “B.”

In Humanities, I chose to highlight a poem by a reportedly bisexual poet named Sappho. And for the first time in six weeks, I have received nothing but praise for it. Who knew poetry would hit such a note? It makes me want to take Humanities 2 in my sophomore year, so long as I don’t get the same professor. Oddly, I think I have a “C” in the class, if I did my Math correctly. And that is strange, since I do better on my quizzes in the class.

I also took more photos with my camera, so expect to see those tomorrow.


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