I have hit another milestone!

UPDATE: I have 101 followers. My mistake.

Firstly, I want to thank everyone who reads this blog. Whether you’re here to read poems for another 14 days, to read what stuff I write, my opinions or whatever–I am grateful. This blog is about 18 months old, and in the beginning it was horrible and I thought about deleting it, but then people started reading it. In the last month alone, I have gone from a scant amount of readers to 100. And that is today’s milestone. I now have 100 followers.

You all make me feel awesome, especially on days like today where I have to power through reading about the Italian Renaissance when I’d rather be watching the bevvy of DVDs I rented from the library yesterday.

So thank you for subscribing to this blog and I hope you enjoy it!

Obligatory iPhone announcement photos:

photo 1
Yes, that is Eoin Macken as my lock screen photo. I am not ashamed.

photo 2


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