Fourth Term End Surveys

And I basically skewered my Humanities professor. Our DB for this week is optional, and one of my classmates has taken it upon himself to praise our professor, who is the furthest thing from excellent. Unlike last term where my opinion had become more favorable of my Creative Writing professor, my feelings for my Humanities professor have not changed. She’s unreachable, rude, and has far too many colleges behind her name. Now before you get on my case about this, even my own dad thinks this is weird.

I was more polite to my Western Civilization professor, basically stating I think he needs to provide an example of a paper written in the style he wants our papers written in so that those of us who have never used it before know what we’re doing. Other than that, I had positive things to say.

I have to finish my paper (which is part of my final) for Humanities; which is basically rephrasing some words, adding photos to a cover page, writing a conclusion and a references page. It’s my final exam next week that will end me. And when that’s all done, I have to write my final paper for Western Civilization.


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