More About Boston

I was thinking again about Boston (I am writing this at 10:11 pm on Wednesday), and my thoughts continue to drift towards the historical end of the city (how can it not? I am a history nerd) since my sister was talking about that law that can allow the military to enter your home without due cause and arrest you. And if you know your early U.S. History, you’ll know this was something that the Colonial Americans were fighting against the British Crown and the Redcoats in the 1770s.

Boston is a city of patriotism and endurance. No matter what the British Empire levied at them or what atrocities the Redcoats gave, the people of Boston didn’t give up. They didn’t look out at Boston Harbor and say, “Damn those Redcoats have surely won this battle.”

No, they didn’t.

Those (pardon my French) fuckers dressed up like Mohawk warriors, and destroyed the tea by dumping into the harbor. They in this action told the British, “We won’t be charged ridiculous taxes for tea. We colonists don’t need it to live.”

It’s been said a million times since it happened, but the city of Boston won’t be taken down by this. This is the site of some bloody battles, Paul Revere looking from a window to see how the British military were entering the city, and the site of many stand-offs in the name of liberty. And while I don’t have favorable opinion of my country of birth, I will stand proudly for the city of Boston. I hate the Red Sox, but I cannot hate what Boston means to me (and several others).



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