Inspired by this post by Everywhereist, who posted this link, I decided to add in my two cents.

I figured this would be one of those things where I look at it and go, “Oh yeah, I say a few of these.” This was not the case. I have uttered every single one of them. My favorite would be “trip the light fantastic” or “by the seat of their pants.” I cannot even say where I learned all of these, because my parents use them sparingly.

And so, this got me thinking about idioms that I have heard from other countries (I have to be vague, because I almost blew it in that sentence).

  1. Taking the mick or taking the mickey-In British/Irish slang, this means to make fun of someone. When I first heard this, I thought they were discussing slipping drugs into people’s food/drink. And through extensive research and borderline obsessive British TV watching, I figured out the truth. Taking the piss also applies.
  2. Craic-Pronounced “crack,” it means good fun (at least that’s what it means in Irish slang, I don’t know about Scotland). Eoin Macken uses this term frequently, and I thought for the longest time it was some Irish thing, but then I read it in a Scottish book and realized it might be a Gaelic thing. I actually use this on occasion, mainly to annoy my baby sister.
  3. The dog’s bollocks (or the Irish spelling of bollix)-It means top shelf or awesome. I read and watch far too many Irish-themed things, which is how I learned this one. Apparently, it derives from the fact that dogs enjoy nothing more than licking their balls (I wouldn’t know, all my dogs were fixed).
  4. Muppet-This means “idiot.” This seems to be an Irish slang word, although I have heard it used in British films, so it’s not exclusive to Ireland. I find myself using it in place of the “R” word, because it’s much more sweeter in its usage than using a slur against the mentally handicapped.

There’s more, but I have literally blanked on them.


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