I was sitting here in my room, looking at the mini Phillies cap on my jewelry box and I vividly remember how I came to have that trinket.

My family went to San Diego for vacation in 2010, and while I was with my dad and sisters at Sea World, my mom was at her mom’s house. At some point they went to Baskin-Robbins, and got one of these ice cream bowls that you receive a plastic baseball cap for. My grandma went out of her way to get me a Phillies cap, but nothing for my sisters.

This has been a theme of my life for at least the last fourteen years. I got a ridiculously expensive claddagh ring from Ireland when my sisters got normal things one Christmas, and when I planned to live there in 2006, she bought me and my two younger sisters tops, but refused to buy my other sister anything. Her theory has always been (although controversially correct) that my sister is a spoiled little shit and doesn’t deserve such things. I made a giant boo-boo and handed the girls these tops in front of her, thus pissing her off.

And my mom had called me at Sea World to warn me, and I cringed. Again she is exhibiting favoritism, and my sisters got the short end of the stick. It was horrible as she handed it to me, and my sisters just sat there and not receive anything.

Here’s a photo of the cap:



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