More Writing News

This little story thing I wrote last night and posted for you to read has taken over my head. As I slept (I kid you not, I slept fitfully), I kept thinking about ways to elaborate this story, showing how they met, fell in love, and delving even deeper into the slow dancing.

On a somewhat related note, I had to go back ten million years (not really, it was twelve years) to my Prom to remember what it was like to slow dance with someone. As much as I enjoy continually clicking the Tom Hiddleston clip from The Deep Blue Sea when they’re slow dancing to the song, you also have to revert to personal experience to make it more vivid. Unfortunately, that wasn’t happening, since I was struggling through the minefield that has developed from disuse, and for that I apologize.

But I have to elaborate further on this story, since it’s nagging at me. I can’t even think about doing my Anthropology paper because I need to work this story out.

Here are the basics:

  • I want the characters to be the same age difference of Tom Hiddleston and I (two years).
  • I kind of want them to be British (that shouldn’t shock anyone), but I will likely make them American since I know how American guys talk, slang-wise.
  • I obviously have to change the Halloween fashion (for her) to the 1950s, so I will use Rachel Weisz in the movie as a guide. He can keep the Army uniform, because I feel like it.
  • The story takes place in modern day, and I am thinking of using newly released photos of Colin Morgan for a guide for the male character and not Tom Hiddleston as I originally had planned.

In unrelated news, I may still live in the apartment. I am currently looking into employment opportunities, but my lack of being bilingual in Spanish and English severely works against me (and I have no desire to learn Spanish–give me French or give me death!).


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