I Watched True Blood Last Night (Possible Spoilers)

Read beyond this point ONLY if you have seen the Season Six premiere episode from last night.

And I have not ruled out leaving it altogether, but I wasn’t annoyed with last night’s episode. And in watching last night’s episode, I have come to realize that I completely, 100 percent HATE Bill Compton. Seeing that Bill has become the full incarnation of Lilith (although the complete transformation has yet to occur), and can summon Jessica by practically squeezing her heart to death in the process, has not lightened my opinion that Bill sucks.

Here are some thoughts:

  • I too, miss the Sookie that walked into Fangtasia back inĀ Escape From Dragon House. I also missed the warm interaction between Eric and Sookie, until she rescinded his invitation to her house, most likely for her own protection. Also, Nora knows Eric’s weakness, which that bitch will no doubt work to some advantage within the season.
  • Jason is a bit off, but nothing like he was towards the end of the season. I also support his anti-vampire stance, because it means he and Jessica aren’t getting back together any time soon.
  • Andy’s kids = ADORABLE.
  • Pam needs to get her crap together. Eric is a secret keeper, you ought to know that after being together 100 years. Don’t shut Tara out, because she knows just what that life is like.
  • The Governor of Louisiana is a messed up man, and bad things will occur.

It’s rumored that a major character death occurs this season. Rumors are it’s resident blond bad-ass vampire, Eric. My sister prays it’s Bill or Sam. Both of us agree that if it’s Eric, we’re done. Actually, that’s the opinion of many people. Eric just lends something to the show that other characters don’t. Here’s a short list of characters I wouldn’t mind biting the big one:

  1. Bill.
  2. Jessica. I love her, but I am lukewarm about her presence.
  3. Alcide (he’s not a major character–neither is Jessica).
  4. Tara
  5. Arlene
  6. Pam

Anyway, what were anyone else’s thoughts of last night’s episode?


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