Term 5 and Life Updates

We’re in the last week before the term ends, and I am happy. I am glad this term is coming to an end, because Anthropology has just about killed me. Unfortunately, Philosophy and Sociology have banded together to collectively end my life. Between the two of them, I have two major papers that are due at some point before week 6 or 7. My birthday falls at the beginning of Week 5, just after mid-terms. I am wading into the ocean, and the waves are building in height.

My current grades look like this (because I have two papers that aren’t graded): Humanities II: 79%, Anthropology: 71%. I wrote my last paper for Anthropology Sunday night, turning it in over an hour late. Normally, I would be sweating and borderline freaking out about such a thing–not this time. I just didn’t give a flying f***. It was Father’s Day, I wanted to see Before Midnight (which is awesome, but probably hits home more for those who are married or in some kind of relationship), and I just didn’t have it in me to do the research involved. If I get at least an 80% on it I will be amazed, because it is that horrible.

My sister is coming upstate Thursday, and I have to do one final DB post for each class, take the final in Anthropology, and last quiz in Humanities before she does. She’s not sucking up a lot of my time, but I will be forced to see her. And her impending arrival means I have to clean the apartment like a mad woman. I am dealing with an ill kitty (who threw up all over the carpet this morning), a broken shower (yeah, the maintenance staff are going to love me by the end of the year they see me so much), trying to finish putting my room together, downstairs neighbors who prevent me from sleeping in my bed some nights (they’re moving out soon, so I will get a reprieve from the earplugs for a few days), and finishing up a school term with passable grades.

For those who are wondering, I am doing much better this week. I attribute my feelings to PMS (stupid hormones!), and all that crap. I applied for two jobs in the last week, one that is within walking distance to my apartment and one that would require my dad to take me in the morning and I take alternate transportation in the afternoons. The one close by home was supposed to call me (this was Friday), but I haven’t heard anything, which pisses me off because I got excited. The one that requires transportation is within one of the local hospitals, as a receptionist. It has no benefits, but it would pay much better than the one closer by. It also requires I buy professional clothing. The temp agency is supposed to call me at some point and do something or other (I deleted the text my dad sent, so I know nothing besides that).  Update (10:07 pm): my dad texted me to say that the person I’d be working for is submitting my name tomorrow, so I will be hearing from the agency tomorrow or Thursday.

Are you all ready to listen to my issues with my apartment? Here goes nothing:

  • My neighbors downstairs like music (who doesn’t?). The problem is they like hip/hop, and love playing it between 9 pm and 4 am…when I am trying to sleep. The light at the end of the tunnel is that they’re moving out sometime this month. I saw a moving truck today, and I got excited. Sadly, they’re still here.
  • My apartment has issues. Like I said above, the maintenance people are going to hate me by the end of 2013. In the last month, they have been to the apartment at least seven times. I have no water in my shower, so I am at my baby sister’s mercy tomorrow morning to take a shower in her bathroom.
  • Because of my issues with the neighbors (which I have complained about to the landlord–twice), I am deathly afraid my cats are going to piss off the neighbors when they do their random chasing each other around the apartment from between midnight and six in the morning. For the most part, they sleep through the night, but there is that odd day when they decide to be annoying.

And in closing, I have a crush on a bank teller at my mom’s bank. He is married, because he kept playing with his wedding band while he had a consultation with my mom as I sat beside her. He’s in a suit, which is my weakness. And now he’s grown facial hair. I won’t go near a married man, but I like to look at him when I get the chance.


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