I’ve Moved Things Around Temporarily

It’s not a big change, I just moved the widget for my birthday, so it was front and center. Since I was so caught up in the drama of my life yesterday, and I had already made two posts yesterday, I didn’t mention that my birthday is exactly one month away. I have referenced this before, but my twenties are about to end. Under normal circumstances, what I am about to do would have been reserved for next month, but heaven knows what my Term 6 classes (which begin tomorrow, and I need all your positive thoughts) on top of my job are going to do to my head. So I might as well commemorate what went on in my twenties before I find I no longer have the time.

  • When I turned 20, I was very much questioning everything the government did. 9/11 had happened almost two years earlier, and we were beginning the Afghanistan/Iraq wars (the names of which I have conveniently forgotten).
  • My 21st birthday was rung in alone, with my cat. My family was having a horrible vacation to Niagara Falls, and I was watching Bridget Jones’s Diary and having Mark Darcy sing ‘Happy Birthday‘ to me. This was the night I figured out that I am allergic to Bartles and Jaymes’ Fuzzy Navel wine coolers.
  • As I have covered a million times it seems, the year I turned 22 was amazing. I went to the beach for the first time in five years, had a vacation where I wasn’t bored for one single second (that actually goes for my whole family), I got my job with TJ Maxx, and I met and went out with Scott.
  • I tried moving back to San Diego when I was 23, and finally had the epiphany that I truly loved the East Coast. I met Christian Guy, and realized that torturing Scott was the catharsis I needed.
  • I went to Cape Cod again when I was 24, and not much else happened.
  • When I turned 25, I was in the middle of Twilight obsessiveness, contemplating going back to TJ Maxx after quitting, praying my dad wouldn’t get the job in Florida, and spending my milestone birthday with a friend who’d had dental work done and couldn’t fully enjoy herself. I also moved out of New England, thus throwing me into a several month-long depression. What came out of this was a story inspired by a storm, and Scott’s enthusiasm over it.
  • Nothing happened in 2009.
  • My 27th birthday was marred by my sister “visiting” from New Hampshire, and having a huge fight with her husband as we sat down for dinner. The upside, was my sister taking me to the beach. I also went to San Diego for vacation.
  • The year I turned 28, we moved to California. I also began this blog, which now has lots of followers.
  • Last year, I tried online dating again and realized that ship had sailed. I started college, and endured my sister moving home…again.
  • This year begins a new chapter. I technically live on my own, I have a job, and I am turning 30. I have many followers on here who are willing to listen to me prattle on about my fears over it.

My wish for this year is this: to receive more followers, to start another story or at least write a poem during my two-week summer vacation in August, to have much luck with my job, do well in college, possibly get a boyfriend (?), and that my sister decides San Diego is too amazing to move from. I think that last one is far too lofty, since she relinquished her lease yesterday and is applying for jobs here.

Two more things I wish to talk about:

  1. I want to thank the newest followers I have received since yesterday. Take a look around the site and send a comment if you wish.
  2. I forgot to tell you all the story of my getting hit on at Starbucks two weeks ago. Since this post is long enough, find it in the following post.

6 Replies to “I’ve Moved Things Around Temporarily”

  1. You should totally write a book on your life. It already sounds super intersting already! I know I’d buy it, not too sure about everyone else lol

      1. Idk maybe the change in perspective of life as you grew older? That would be pretty cool. My life is too boring to write about lol

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