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How Last Night Went

I ended up not falling asleep until after midnight, having been forced from my bedroom (yet again) by my neighbors downstairs watching what sounded like a war movie. I was also reading comments left on here, which brings me to the fact I am seriously thinking of writing about the experience of my life from the age of eighteen to this current moment, because of their comments.

My neighbors downstairs are supposedly moving soon (like end of the month soon), so if this is true, they intend to spend their last days here making all the noise they want, without really facing consequences for doing so. This was evidenced this morning at 4 am when I was awakened from my slumber by the two of them having sex. All I can say is he makes weird noises, and I was thankful I woke up right before they were finished instead of in the middle of it. I won’t bemoan people their right to get their freak on, when the urge comes, you go with it. And I have said that I’d much rather listen to them having sex than listening to music, so I got what I asked for.

I also got a sudden spurt of inspiration while watching a Merlin video, that deals with Aidan and Matt, looking at old pictures and Matt remarking at how much older Aidan looks now, to which Aidan remarks that he has always been the more mature of the two of them. That’s all I have, but it’s enough to go on.

Also thank you, to that person who shall remain anonymous for the writing suggestion.

Lastly, I got bored, and Googled Scott. I found a video from what I am assuming was last year’s election, and his reaction to Obama’s win. I cannot decipher if he was happy he won or annoyed. I watched the video for the purpose of hearing his voice (but not for the sentimental reasons you’re thinking of), and ended up finding myself with my jaw clenched. If he did indeed vote for Romney, I don’t know who he is anymore.


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