More ‘True Blood’ Thoughts

Y’all know the drill: If you’ve watched this week’s True Blood or you just don’t give a crap about potential spoilers, click the link.

  • Sookie seriously has a hero complex, or whatever its actual name is. She rescued Bill in Season One and Season Three, and she’s rescued this other half-fae guy.
  • As much as I want to, I cannot hate the guy.
  • Alcide Herveaux…there is freaking reason I have hated you since the moment I laid eyes upon you, and that reason popped up tonight. You are a massive jerk.
  • Lafayette, you secretly enjoyed playing dress-up with Emma. Don’t lie to yourself.
  • Billith needs to go…and soon.
  • Jessica, how long will it take before you realize that Bill is not Bill any more. He is something else, something wholly different from the vampire that bit you back in Season One. There’s loyalty, and then there’s just stupidity.
  • Eric, I love you. Je t’aime x 1000. I still find it funny that when you’re pretending to be human you hunch over as if doing that makes you look shorter. But seriously, I wish you had glamoured me.
  • I still hate Pam. And Tara. And Nora.
  • Andy and those adorable kids kill me.

Also that vision Bill had makes me very afraid for my beloved Swedish vampire. I swear upon everything I believe in that if Eric dies, I quit. There’s little left holding me to this show, and if I lose him, I see no point in continuing on.


2 thoughts on “More ‘True Blood’ Thoughts

  1. John Nightingale (@eagle6764) says:

    Aside from the ongoing focus on Bill this season has been better than I expected without bring great. I’ve never liked Pam or Tara – especially since Tara went from loathing vamps to loving being one – it’s absurd but then so is her whole story line. I think she is a token black person on the show because she just never fit for me. Eric has gone up in my estimation but Sookie is far too much of a doormat still for my liking and that pisses me off. Sookie in the books would have kicked Bill’s ass to the kerb for some of the things he’s done or staked him outright but TB Sookie is still going on and on about the “real Bill”. Sorry Sookie but the real Bill was just as much of a monster as he is now just in a different way.

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