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A Little Aidan and Matt Action

As I wrote last night, I got this sudden spurt of inspiration while watching a Merlin-related video. It involves Aidan and Matt, who if you are new to the blog, are gay characters I wrote a story about back in April. It discusses their aging since they first met, and is generally what I like to call sugary goodness. I used photos of Colin Morgan and Bradley from 2010 and 2013 for references, but I won’t be posting them, since one of the images with Bradley are from the premiere of Man of Steel in Australia from today. Anyway, the story follows the cut.

Wedding planning can be a tough business, especially when you’re trying to find pictures of you and your significant other for the rehearsal photo slideshow. This was such the case for Aidan and Matt, who had a million photos it seemed of each other. Aidan was going through the photos on the computer, while Matt was thumbing through printed photos scattered throughout various albums. Matt was longingly staring at one photo, running his finger across it, with a dumb smile across his face. Aidan was groaning as he forcibly punched the arrow keys on the keyboard, eventually snapping Matt out of his trance.

“James, what in hell are you doing?”

“Trying to find a bloody photo for the slideshow,” he replied with an annoyed edge.

“Do you think you could be gentler on my keyboard, Aidan? I just got that laptop. Are you having any luck finding photos?”

“I’ve found one, out of the hundreds that you have saved to your cloud folder, but nothing that screams ‘us.’”

“Babe, that’s not remotely possible. There have got to be so many to choose from.”

Matt gets off of the sofa, and leans over Aidan’s shoulder, laying his hand over the hand that Aidan is using to abuse his keyboard. One photo has already captured Matt’s attention.

“What’s wrong with this one?” Matt asks. It’s one from when they had just begun seeing each other. Matt is in a white t-shirt, looking at Aidan in a plaid shirt at a picnic, laughing over some joke that no one but them seems to hear.

“I just don’t think it captures our essence, Matt.”

“Then why don’t you just take the picture Eoin took of us, and use that? You’ve said on more than one occasion that photo is us in a nutshell.”

“I don’t know,” Aidan returns.

Matt sighs, and spins the chair Aidan is sitting in to face him. He kneels so that he is more level with Aidan, bringing his hands up to Aidan’s face and softly kissing him. Aidan deepens the kiss, pulling Matt’s face closer than it had been. Matt’s hands travel to Aidan’s thighs, where they rest until Aidan pulls his face away. Matt looks up at the computer screen, which has transitioned into a more recent photo.

“You look so young in some of these photos,” Matt laughs. “You’re so much more mature now.”

“I’ve always been the more mature of the two of us,” Aidan adds with a cocky smile. Matt responds by tightly wrapping his arms around Aidan’s neck, which makes Aidan laugh. “We’ve been together for four years; I was bound to age a little in that time frame. You’re not exactly the same Matthew I met back in 2010, with the boyish features.”

“And what, pray tell do I look like now?”

“You’re the mature Head of English, who has seen and experienced much in his thirty years on Earth. It’s not bad, though. I like you with the more matured features, the strength in your face, and broadness in your chest. In fact, you’re sexier than you were when I first met you,” Aidan replied.

Matt tried to hide his prideful smile, but it was no use. Aidan had raised his confidence, and there was no hiding it. Aidan turned his head, as if waiting for Matt to make some comment in regards to his maturation. It took Matt several seconds before he realized what was expected of him.

“I recognize your maturation in your face, mostly. When I first met you, you had these prominent cheekbones. Your face has filled out, but ever so slightly. I also like that you have some stubble on your face. I’ve always liked when you let yourself go when you’re not working; the stubble lends a more mature look for you.”

“You’re forgetting the benefits of the yoga,” Aidan adds with a knowing smile.

“The yoga has done wonders for you, babe. Besides the physical changes, it’s made you even more sexually attractive to me.” Aidan turns to look at him, a look of shock upon his face. “Don’t look at me like that! I have always found you sexually attractive.” Aidan raised his eyebrows. “It’s true! From the moment we walked along the Thames that first night we met, I wanted to rip off your clothes. I chose to wait until about a month before I couldn’t hold myself back any longer, but the attraction’s always been there,” Matt explained.

“But I have always been the more mature one of the two of us,” Aidan retorted. “Ask anyone, they’ll say the same.”

“I know you’re the more mature one. You’re the one who practically punished me on a date at the Tower of London.”

“You were acting like an eight-year-old,” Aidan returned, patting Matt’s hand reassuringly. “But I still love you anyway, even if you have occasional childish tendencies.”

“Oh well, thank you Mr. Reilly.”

“You are so welcome,” Aidan grinned widely.


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