Birthday Remembrance

It’s one week until I turn 30. For this post, I decided to look back on another milestone birthday: my 21st. I don’t know how detailed this will be, since it was nine years ago.

When I turned 21, I was left home alone with our three-year old cat while the rest of my family was on an ill-fated trip to Niagara Falls. The weather in Littleton was horrible for the first two or three days I had been left alone: oppressive humidity and heat, violent thunderstorms (which are something I tolerate, but am very afraid of), and just being alone in a large house for a week. I passed my time by trying to write some ridiculous story that I am sure if I were to try finding in one of my notebooks,I would be mortified by how bad it is, and going into town to the candy store or bookstore when I got bored of repeatedly watching Colin Firth movies. I also was caught in a torrential downpour during one of the nasty t-storms bringing in the trash cans, and almost was taken out by a river that had formed from the rain.

My nights consisted of shutting all the blinds at five o’clock, sitting in the living room and watching more period dramas until a random noise scared the crap out of me and I retreated hastily to my bedroom with a knife and one of my younger sister’s glitter batons. I ate frozen pizzas or pasta, while listening to Chopin and having the cat openly stare at me.

The day of my birthday, I woke up like I normally would have, and fielded phone calls from my family members. I fed the cat, I might have gone to Main Street, but I know that I was preparing my Bridget Jones DVD for the pivotal scene of the birthday party. I can’t even remember if I had cake. I know I had a pizza, because it seems that those were all I ate in 2004, which is why by Christmas I decided to go on a diet. I turned on the DVD, I assume I lit a candle, and listened to them sing me ‘Happy Birthday.’

This has become a tradition ever since. Even if I am celebrating with my family, I will find some way to fit in a screening of that scene. I did it for my 25th, at lunch, since my sister and her husband would be coming home before dinner, which was my usual time to watch it. I also had a friend coming over, and I didn’t want her to see this sad display.


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