The Last Hours

Of my twenties. While it feels oddly empowering, it’s also incredibly sobering and unbelievable.

I was going around the two blogs I know have my age in the descriptions, and changing them in observance of tomorrow. When I did Tumblr’s, I came across this:



I was sitting there, in a stunned silence. I will be 30 tomorrow. It has been three decades since I entered this world. There are times I still feel as though I am just about to turn sixteen. It’s surreal to think that as of 11:27 pm officially tomorrow night, I will be thirty-years old. This feels different than when I turned 20. It’s like you have more responsibilities heaped upon you because of the larger number. I am not thinking about turning forty, I am just sitting in this fog about the number. My twenties had many ups and downs, but they were also fun.

I can only hope my 30s are much the same.

So, if you come across this blog tomorrow, please say hi. I may not be able to get back to you immediately, since my WordPress app on my phone won’t allow me to see new comments or edit posts, so I am relying on my computer. I also might be out for a few hours, but will be taking photos to post tomorrow night or Tuesday morning.

Also, I won’t be getting a balloon until my little sister’s birthday, since my dad had to have emergency surgery on his eye last week, and everyone else in our family doesn’t drive.


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