The Story

The way he looks at her says everything.
He is the only one she trusts to read what she writes.
Their friends all see what the two of them cannot.
A love that lies in wait.

When she is told by her friend of his feelings,
She laughs and says her friend is insane.
Even after her friend is gone,
She brushes off what she has said.

As she has him read another story she has written,
The tension sits like a dense fog,
Waiting to cast its spell upon them.

She watches as his eyes dart across the page.
How his expressions change with every line.
There is something alluring about him,
She just doesn’t know what.

He looks up at her,
Her eyes searching for his answer.
Did you like it
She asks.

All he can do is smile and nod,
Which makes her smile back at him.
Thank goodness, she says,
Taking back the paper into her nervous hands.

As she continues to speak,
He can no longer hold back.
He lunges forward,
Plunging his lips to hers.

Something has begun,
And all because one story brought them together.


4 Replies to “The Story”

  1. Wow, I swear you have totally written poetry before. I love how this poem tells a story too. Gosh, totally amazing, knew you were really good at poetry. More! like right now, please! lol 😛

    1. I have written poetry before. They’re all over the blog. I have another poem floating around, but I am watching Dear America, so it’s on the back-burner.

      1. Oh wow, I never knew you did lol I will indeed search for them. All your stuff is really good, very, very impressed.

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