Random Post #How the Heck Do I Know?

I was just on Tumblr, and I saw Lee Pace. Naturally, I couldn’t help but think of his character from The Hobbit, Thranduil.

I freaking love saying Thranduil. I imagine you’re supposed to slightly roll the “R”, giving it that Tolkienesque flourish. I could be wrong, I often am when it comes to Tolkien’s characters, but I will continue being wrong because I love saying it like that. And that got me thinking about words I love to say.

I looked up some common words, and I don’t think I posted about this. So, without further ado, here are some of my favorite words to say (which happen to all be foreign–use Google Translate or something that allows you to hear the words in their native tongue).

  • Schadenfreude. I cannot remember where I first read this word, but it grabbed me so tightly and took me. It means ‘glee’ in German.
  • Scheiße. It means ‘shit’ in German. It just has this nice tone to it.
  • Jag kan försöka. This is something Eric Northman said to his dad in an episode of True Blood. It means “I can try” in Swedish.
  • Et la trouve pas. I heard this in a French movie promotion. For the record, my French, while improving, is still rocky. The director might have said this, or he might have said another word that closely resembles trouve that I misinterpreted. According to Google Translate, it means ‘And is not.
  • Merde, il pleut. ‘Shit, it’s raining’ in French. I want the umbrellas that say this.
  • Je pense pas. ‘I think not’ in French. I read this in a list of things to say in French to tell someone to eff off.

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