What Happened?

I was just on Facebook, and my closest friend of 19 years posted photos of her new haircut. She’s grown her hair out again (like me), and got some layers. And as I looked at these three new photos of her, I wondered: who is this person? Little Dork (which is the online alias I have given her for her anonymity) is not the same person I saw in 2006, and I don’t know who that person is in those photos. Just for the heck of it, I looked at photos I took of myself this year, and I still pretty much look the same.

I also haven’t had much of a personality change, either. I am sure she is still the same Little Dork, it’s just what she’s done to herself. She got braces, which changed the shape of her mouth (as those who have had braces can attest); and she’s lost weight.

I guess I am just wondering when in the heck did we get to be the ages we are? I still feel like she and I are sixteen, and just waiting for our lives to begin. She’s just dumped her boyfriend of five years, and I am getting ready to start my second year of college…officially (In six weeks. I cannot believe next week is mid-term). I wish there was a photo of her and I when we were kids.

I didn't have a good photo from 2006.
I didn’t have a good photo from 2006.

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