So, I wrote my paper for English Sunday morning until dinnertime, and basically abused my brain and eyeballs to the point of no return. The requirement was 6 pages at the least (not including references), and when I finished writing, I was at four. I had to bullshit my way through another 1 1/2 pages. As I read over what our teacher wanted us to note during our peer reviews, I realized that my paper is in deep sh**. It’s supposed to be an argument, during which you prove your point. My paper clearly does not do this. I just basically listed off tidbits I had gathered from my sources, because I just don’t give two hoots about this assignment. My professor was not clear in what she wanted us to write about, and she hasn’t been very helpful this term.

Essentially, I cannot wait (note sarcasm) for her feedback, as well as my classmates’.

I was able to get out of Roseville for a few hours yesterday, going down to Napa (where my 21-year old sister will soon be moving) for a rare trip. We went out to Calistoga, and saw (not entered) the Castello do Amorosa. Photos of this trip are in a following post.


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