I’m Not Ten Anymore

Yesterday, I had a hankering to watch this movie I watched religiously as a kid called Sidekicks. It is literally the only movie with Chuck Norris in it I will watch, because he’s not breaking anyone’s bones. It had Jonathan Brandis (RIP) in it, and he was one of my first major celebrity crushes. It’s about this kid with severe asthma who daydreams about saving the damsel alongside his idol, Chuck Norris.

Anyway, there’s this scene where after his martial arts teacher (played by the awesome Mako–may he also rest in peace) tells him that once he can control his daydreams that they will be even more intense and amazing, where he is doing pull-ups. He’s daydreaming ¬†about invading a candy factory alongside Chuck, and he ends up switching the damsel from his teacher to his crush. They kiss, and he snaps from this daydream, smiling like the adorable guy Jonathan was. And as he continues doing pull-ups, he groans from exertion. And my mind went straight into the gutter.

And as I sat there watching the movie, I realized I was not ten anymore. I have seen the movie in the last couple of years on YouTube, but apparently my mind wasn’t focusing on the sounds he was making while doing his pull-ups.


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