Yesterday was my first Halloween without most of my family, and it went pretty okay.

We were under the impression that we don’t get trick-or-treaters, so we bought candy and gave it to the Leasing Office for the apartment Halloween party, which was on Wednesday. I took down the Witch Parking sign we had sitting on our door, and didn’t turn on the Halloween lights so people wouldn’t think we were giving out candy. We went about 2-3 hours without any kids stomping up the stairs, and then the dog from the apartment below us began barking and we could hear kids. No one on our floor gave out candy, as far as I can tell. Our next door neighbors went out for the night around 7:30, and the doctor’s wife across the hall told everyone that she was under the impression we didn’t get kids, so she wasn’t handing out candy.

I think we got five groups in all. One group, which you knew were the teenagers, were frightening. We had our lights off, only the TV on, which you wouldn’t be able to see from the bottom floor, or even from the landing on the second set of stairs. We heard them coming, shouting and clambering up the three flights of stairs. They began knocking very loudly and violently, shouting, “Open up!” My sister and I are looking at each other (we were watching Insidious at the time), scared out of our wits. We were sure they were going to break down the door. After that, we watched The Conjuring, and there weren’t many more kids coming to the door.

I’ve learned my lesson: I may put a sign on the door next year (if I am still living here) saying I gave candy to the complex party. My sister said that wouldn’t have been a good idea, because we might have ended up getting egged by those same teenage kids. This was before last night, and I am not entirely sure she is wrong.

Anyway, we really enjoyed The Conjuring, which scared the crap out of us (although it doesn’t take much to do that). Now, we just need to watch The Purge, and do ourselves completely in.


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