A Guide to the New Story

Our characters are from the actual village in England called Burghclere, although they are a completely fictional family. If any actual Mison’s live or have lived in some grand estate that I am not aware exists in Burghclere, it was completely by accident.

  • I wrote this in what I believe to be the English way of spelling certain words. At some point I might have spelt words like we do here in the United States, and not noticed. I felt spelling them in the English style was beneficial to the story.
  • The French is minimal, and quite easily translated via Google Translate, or whichever translator you like.
  • There is a character from Ireland, whose name is Daire. Through extensive Internet searching, I have discovered this name (which is in honor of my favorite male dancer from Lord of the Dance) is pronounced Dar-ah (if I am wrong, please help me as there are a million ways of pronouncing it).
  • This is supposed to be fictional. Yes, I stole some sentences from Titanic, but I have no intention of having this published by some major publisher. And seeing how Rose and Cal never ended up together, the story is entirely different–in more ways than one.
  • Here is Keats’ ‘Endymion’, which their son reads when he is a child, and the poem their oldest son reads at his father’s funeral.

I published these two photos in the story itself, but knowing they won’t translate through WordPress, here are the headstones of my characters:

Male character
Male character
female character
female character

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