Big Brother Really is Watching

So, I have a LinkedIn account. I received an email about two weeks ago from the site, saying that my dad added me as one of his connections. So, I created an account, since I will have to make one at some point in the future. Yesterday morning, I receive an email from them about potential connections I might know.

At first, I am thinking it’s people I know from SNHU, or it’s Scott.


It was some woman I don’t know, and two guys I spoke to from OkCupid years ago. One of them was this man who is twelve years older than me, who lives in Boston. We spoke in early 2008, when I was still living in New Hampshire. He called me a frigid bitch because I didn’t want to go down to Massachusetts to “hang out” with him. I might have been a naive 24-year-old, but I knew what he meant. And I still am of the opinion that I wouldn’t do casual hook-ups. The other guy was a 25-year-old student at University of Oregon (I think the one in Eugene), when I was living in Coquille, Oregon. He was a science major, who was interested in molecular science, or something like that.

I was freaked out over this. How does the Internet have that kind of information? Both of these men I haven’t spoken to in over five years, and there is literally not a trace of my speaking to them any longer, unless you count my private blog, where I spoke about that older gentleman.  I never truly believed that everything on the Internet is forever, and that “Big Brother is watching,” but I guess I will have to change that belief from now on.


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