It’s not really a juicy confession, just something I feel like revealing.

As of the moment I am writing this, I am listening to a break-up playlist I made on Spotify, and writing a story that I may or may not post on here. And as I am doing this, I am thinking of a certain male I actually know (or knew). After about five minutes of deliberating, I have decided that I will reveal his name.

You all know him as Scott, but I have decided that should I ever publish a memoir or some short story about my time with the first guy I ever really really liked, I ought to let you in on his real name (which I would publish, since I would not write anything that he didn’t already know, or that was incriminating).

Scott’s real name is…Ryan. Should Ryan ever come across this site (which I highly doubt, but who knows), he will now be referred to by his old name. And unlike other instances, I am not changing the tags or posts to reflect this change. I am still finding posts I thought I had updated with Bradley still tagged.

Even with this revelation, I still will refrain from talking about him too much.


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