Lost Without a Phone

My phone is out of commission right now.

I was out at Starbucks with my mom, and the table knocked her hot coffee all over my phone and me. I was covered from the left elbow down to my feet in hazelnut coffee. My phone, which is sitting in rice beside me, seems to have survived the ordeal. It still rings, receives texts, and alerts from my BBC News app.

I want to believe my phone wasn’t damaged, but I am not taking any chances. It will remain covered by rice until tomorrow morning. I cannot say that I am enjoying the freedom from the phone. I would be lying, since I feel like I am lost. I have left Facebook open for those members of my family (like my sisters and mom) to communicate with me, but no one has. I’d forgot what my life was like pre-iPhone. I didn’t seem to mind it then, but now I cannot function.

In other news, my Math and Biology classes (which don’t start until March 3) are up. I posted to the Math discussion, being frank about my lack of math skills. I need good vibes and thoughts from you all as I embark on this journey in a week and some odd days.


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