Random Musings

So, having done some Googling, I have found out where and what my old friend C has been up to. Since he no longer has a Facebook (or has blocked me, so I cannot find him on there), I only have YouTube, which he hasn’t updated for a million years, except to comment on videos about high-powered guns or hunting knives. To be honest, seeing the fact he owns guns frightens me. And it would frighten you too, if you had known him. C was not the type you’d ever imagine owning anything that could take a person’s life. And I am talking about such things like hunting knives or guns, since I have things in my apartment that could kill a person, should I ever find myself in a situation where I had to defend myself. Anyway, I managed to find him on a social medium for working (take your guesses on which site that is).

He now lives about three hours from where I am, in what can be considered a forest-like desert of sorts. The town has 1,400 people, and sounds pretty freaky. I really should not be as surprised as I am that he lives there, away from the technology-crazed masses of San Diego, and where people are less-dependent on plastic water bottles and seeking out friends they haven’t seen in a million years on Facebook. He was one of those early supporters of a water bottle ban in California (which is just now beginning to take hold in San Francisco), and he promoted not shopping on Black Friday.

My sister moves out of our parents’ apartment today, although she won’t officially be gone until the 18th, since her furniture (including a new bedroom set) won’t arrive until then. I am using my Chapters 1 and 2 exam for Math and all the homework I have for Biology as an excuse to not help.

I finished Band of Brothers, and I am contemplative. I also have found myself ridiculously attracted to Damian Lewis in his dress greens in the last episode. I have always had a weakness for Army and Naval dress uniforms, so that’s not a surprise to me.

Photo courtesy of damianlewis.com
Photo courtesy of damianlewis.com

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