Term 5 Begins

I cannot tell you all how extremely excited I am to have passed Math. I struggled throughout the term, broken down into tears last week because the last two week’s texts had NOTHING to do with what I was doing for problems, and I dealt with an instructor who had zero sympathy for anyone who lacks mathematical skills. I nearly cried in my mom’s eye doctor’s office yesterday morning, upon learning I’d passed. I was sure I wasn’t, since I got a 40% on the last test. But I have, and I did it all by myself. Unlike my sister, who had our father take the final for her.

It lowered my GPA to a 3.2, but I don’t care. In the end, I finished Math with a D, and Biology with a B. I now begin my major studies, and in the first week we have to read Bright Star by Keats. I have died, and gone to heaven. In my other class, I have to write less than five pages about a personal experience, but not use actual details, instead using it as a stepping stone to create a story that isn’t based on fact. I’ve already decided my topic, and I can envision its path.

For fun, I decided to include this image of a comment my Math instructor left me on my final test.

photo 4


I don’t have to revisit crap! I passed. Sayonara, math!


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