I was reading an article on about what fragrances the writer was wearing during these huge milestone moments of her life, and I thought about what perfumes I’ve worn throughout several moments of my life. Get ready to cringe.

  • When I was in middle school, I wore (without any shame) Malibu Musk. My friend’s older sister (who was in high school) wore this stuff, and it wasn’t until I saw Clueless that I found out it was Designer Imposter perfume. I pretty much stopped wearing it. I wonder if I were to smell it today that I’d still like its fragrance.
  • I often mixed Ghost Myst and Vanilla Fields together. I also would fragrance my bath water with Vanilla Fields, since I had the bottle you could use to dab the perfume on your wrist with your finger. For reference, mixing these two completely different perfumes together is a recipe for disaster.
  • In high school, I basically swore by Vanilla Fields. If I used another perfume, it would have been some Bath and Body Works body spray that no longer exists.
  • I also had a tester of Estee Lauder’s Beautiful. I felt like a model when I wore it.

After high school, I started experimenting with more adult scents, and higher end perfume companies.

  • I owned BCBG Sexy after sniffing it in some magazine I read (likely Cosmopolitan). It reminded me of Christmas, and to this day I cannot remember why I threw it out.
  • I also owned Victoria Secret’s Dreamy, which was what I wore when I wanted a light fragrance.
  • To this day, Elizabeth Arden’s Red Door reminds me of Christmases in New Hampshire. I owned it for about 2 years, and wore it one of the winters I worked at TJ Maxx. Every year at Christmas, the older women (one of the reasons I stopped wearing it) would start using it. So I now expect to smell it when Christmas rolls around (it hasn’t happened yet).
  • I went through a Britney Spears fragrance phase. I am not proud of this. Late  in 2005, I bought Curious. Incidentally, this is what I wore when I met Ryan the first time. I realized as I was waiting outside of the restaurant for him, if he smelled me, would he think I was a whore? Because as I smelled the perfume, I thought I smelled like a slut*. I am not sure what one smells like, but at that moment, I thought it was me. I also owned Fantasy, which was a lighter fragrance, but made me feel the same way.
  • Dolce & Gabbana’s Light Blue is a huge favorite of mine. I bought myself a bottle many years ago, and I am just about out of it. I am so unhappy that I am almost out if it since it’s so expensive, but I know plenty of places where I can get it.
  • Gwen Stefani’s G. It’s a light, coastal scent. It’s my summer go-to, outside of Light Blue.
  • Marc Jacobs’s Daisy. Another airy fragrance I own. It’s youthful, but appealing to the senses.

*I am in no way knocking those who wear Britney’s fragrances. I just thought I smelled wrong while wearing them.


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