A Trip Down Memory Lane

I was writing a Discussion post for this week in my Fiction Writing Workshop on at what point did I get into the idea of traveling to a different time period when reading, and I suddenly remembered something.

When I was in the third-grade (I think it started then–it might have been second grade), we had a themed day. That year, it was something along the lines of relays or whatever–I can’t remember. We were assigned a fifth-grade supervisor, who would herd us together for role calls during snack breaks and lunch. We would walk around the school, visiting classrooms that had themes that we had signed up for beforehand. In the fourth grade, it was Prairie-themed. I dressed up in this horrible get-up that slightly resembled something of the prairie period, borrowing a bonnet from a friend who lived across the street, since she had a lot for dress-ups. I walked around the school that hot day; learning how to write calligraphy (or try) with a quill pen, the history of the Oregon Trail (which I was quite proficient at in Computer Lab, often dying of dysentery), about the Native American tribes that once were abundant in San Diego County, and the Gold Rush. I remember remarking that I looked forward to being a fifth-grader the next year, because then I could be a leader.

As luck would have it, the school didn’t do a theme day when I was in the fifth grade.


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