Recent Story

I have finished editing the story, and I converted it into a PDF file since it is 35 pages long. I also was pasting the translation for a part where the male character is speaking French, and discovered I had forgotten a pivotal word–after I had converted the file. So I am giving you the correct translation, as well as what it said in French below:

“Yes, I understand Mr. Giroud. But I am afraid that is impossible to do without breaking several laws. I really hate him.”

“Oui, je comprends Monsieur Giroud. Mais je crains que ce soit impossible de le faire sans casser plusieurs lois. Je lui déteste vraiment.”

Here’s a brief look at the characters and plot:

  • Stephen Burns-30 at the beginning of the story. Is English, but lives in New Hampshire. He is an international business attorney.
  • Audrey Douglas-28 at the beginning of the story. Was born in California, but moved to the East Coast for college, where she has stayed ever since. She is an assistant editor for a small publishing company in Massachusetts.
  • The story takes place in Portsmouth, NH. I have never lived there, let alone visited it. Seeing as this story is fiction, I made up some stuff. There are actual businesses located in Portsmouth that are named, but I basically made up everything else.

Without further ado, this is the link to the story:



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