These past couple of days have been a bitch, to say the least. I still am reeling from the news of Robin Williams’ passing, and then Lauren Bacall passed away yesterday. It’s unreal.

Anyway, I am at the end of the summer term (YAY!). I am hoping to be done and finished by Friday, hopefully finishing my Music Appreciation final paper tomorrow morning/afternoon. I have to check in through the rest of the week for discussions, but once that paper is handed in, I am done until the 25th.

The classes are already up for viewing, but I am not printing anything until later next week. The fun part is I get to observe people around me who misuse English (YOLO, LOL, misuses of other things, etc.), and do my final paper on that. It finally gives me a legitimate excuse to overhear people at Starbucks and judge them (not that I wasn’t already).

What do I plan to do with this free time?

  • Read (currently I am reading The Color Purple, which is freaking great)
  • Walk a lot more than I have been since it started getting warm
  • Possibly further this story I have been working at that has hit a brick wall
  • Watch some Robin Williams films I haven’t yet seen (maybe actually watch Hook, which I haven’t seen all the way through since my babysitter took me and my sister when it first came out)
  • Watch the Poirot episodes that PBS didn’t air (jerks), as well as catch up on The Legend of Korra (yes, I am 31 and watch Nickelodeon cartoons…so what?), since Nick seems to have stopped showing it.
  • Maybe go swimming

In other news, I watched Muppets: Most Wanted yesterday–it needed more Josh Groban and Tom Hiddleston.

I think that just about does it. I figured there needed to be an upbeat post, since Monday’s was so dang depressing. Until later!


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