Dream From This Morning

I typed this up this morning on my phone after waking up, because this was just too interesting to be forgotten.

Just had a dream where I fall in love with some guy (no clue what he looks like), but I end up marrying my gay best friend. As I am pouring myself a glass of wine, feeling sad that I can’t see this guy, my friend screams at me. I am not allowed to drink the wine I’m drinking (Arbor Mist), but this champagne he had with a pink label (not stereotyping, I think I was seeing this cupcake wine my sister drinks). I drink my wine from the bottle as my friend reached out to swipe it from my hand.

We laugh and hug, give each other a tiny peck on the lips, and part ways. It’s at this point of the dream I realize I’m in my apartment complex. My husband lives on the side where my mom does, and I live on my side of the complex. He shouts at me, “Goodnight, my love!”

I shout back, “I love you, too!” I am pretty sure people thought we were weird.

I’m sitting on a bench in what looks like a park (still in the complex, just in an area with trees–which the complex doesn’t really have), when this little metal thing rolls toward me. I kind of know in the back of my mind it’s from that other guy, so I pick it up. After opening the hatch, there’s a note attached, which I don’t remember what it said. I look back into the thing, and there isn’t anything else. And then, something else is coming my way. Out pops a little red Minion. I gasp excitedly, and reach to pick him up. He felt like a really plush teddy bear. He says some stuff in Minion language, and I just hug him.

As I bring him down to my lap, there is the mystery guy with a smile.


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