A Dream I Had This Morning

I was tempted not to mention this dream, since it involves Ryan. I am hesitant to write anything involving him for a year, since I don’t want him to accidentally come across this blog (not that I think that would really happen, unless he Googles my name–and even then, I don’t think this blog would pop up) and think I am some psycho who isn’t over him.

But, I decided to, because I have forgotten most of the in-between with this dream and remembered the skeleton of it.

Basically, I was out with family and I ran across Ryan. He might have been with someone, I can’t honestly remember. It is very plain to see that this meeting is very awkward, since the two of us don’t know how to proceed with each other. I basically ask him if it’s okay if we hug, and he agrees. I give him a warm, welcoming hug, remembering how he used to feel. He hugs me just the same, as if we are close friends. The dream didn’t go any further, since my body was telling me to wake-up (I ended up falling back asleep for another hour).

And that is that. An unusual dream involving a person I haven’t dreamt about in months, and whenever I do dream of Ryan, I am usually invisible to him, or there is some type of awkwardness (which is reminiscent of when we were briefly seeing each other).


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