Update #-Who Knows?

I wrote this yesterday, October 6.

I wrote a paper two weeks ago for my Context of Writing class on editors. There was a 2,500-word minimum word limit, and it had to be 9-11 pages long. My rough draft came out to maybe 2,000-2,100 words and was about seven pages long. I had hit a wall, and could not write any more. I waited until I received the feedback before sending my professor an email talking about this problem. I got the results this afternoon.

My feedback was mainly positive. No mention of word/page count, just the usual grammatical and sentence issues. I sent the email anyway, discussing my problem and asking her questions like:

  • Was the word/page count okay? I want to be sure that if I fix the boo-boos she pointed out, that everything else was fine.
  • I told her about the lack of information on the editor I chose, since I wanted her to know.
  • I also told her of the fact I hit a wall, and I could not for the life of me think of anything else to write about.

It’s funny, because in the weekly announcement, she said this of our papers:

After reading your rough drafts, I noticed some common problems. I’ve listed them below, so these are important things to think about when you’re crafting your final draft. As always, you should visit the rubric to make sure that you’re hitting all of the necessary areas of concern. Here are the most prevalent problems:

-Not hitting the 2,500 word requirement

-Not narrowing your focus to one person/entity

-Not using your person/entity to discuss a major shift in the industry (perhaps focusing only on giving a biographical account of the person)

-Not discussing future implications of the shift that you discussed

-Not formatting using MLA style (including in-text citations and a works cited page)

-Not choosing appropriately scholarly sources (e.g. solely using simple web sources, blogs, etc.)

-Not integrating research effectively in the paper; simply inserting quotes without including your own analysis; not including signal phrases to introduce quotes

-Proofreading insufficiently

Of course, not everyone did everything listed above. But it’s important to go through my feedback and see where you might have fallen away from the rubric or where you might make some of the improvements on issues I’ve relayed above. As always, contact me if you have any questions.

Happy final drafting!

I went through the recommendations she made, and she didn’t mention the word/page count, which is why I asked her about it. I have had previous instructors write what they suggest I do for the final draft, outside of the in-margin comments they have made, and she didn’t do this. I am so confused.


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