Small-ish rant, and other news

I hate what the holiday season does to people. Without getting complainy, I just want to say that everyone needs to calm down and remember people have feelings and breaking points. Okay, I am done.

Yesterday was the true looking glass into what the next three weeks are going to be like, and it is going to be crazy. We had a solid line to the bathroom (which is quite a line, just so you all know) for at least two hours. I was on the first register, and I had non-stop customers for three of the five hours I was there yesterday. It makes the time go fast, but it also takes its toll on your sanity, because you don’t get more than ten seconds to breathe between customers. I am a weathered retail worker, so I easily slipped back into the ways of relaxing between customers.

School is going okay. I have a paper for World Mythology due the end of the week, and another story for Int. Fiction Writing. And I think this is the first one beside one I did a couple of weeks ago that I might actually write, and not just edit the shit out of for it to be acceptable for my class. As for what I am going to write, who knows?

As a final note, I am obsessed with Hozier. Seriously, if you haven’t checked out his music, do it. Also, go see Mockingjay Part 1.


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