From My Private Site

This is from the “About” page on my private site, which I haven’t updated in over a year. I just thought it was funny, and that I’d share it.

Where do I begin?  I was born a long time ago, before dinosaurs were reincarnated (pre-Jurassic Park), and hipsters became cool.  I lived in Southern California for 16 beautiful years, barring those few in middle school when I was the subject of nasty teasing; before moving 3,000 miles East to northern New England.  

I love autumn, and I take the season very seriously.  I cannot imagine a world without changing leaves (even though I could 11 years ago), the threat of snow on Halloween, and a nip in the air as you light your pumpy-kins to place on the front porch at night.  I believe there is no greater pleasure on this beautiful Earth than walking through crunchy fallen leaves along the road in fall.

I love the beach, extremely smiley babies, cats, vampires (boy do I love the vampers), autumn leaves, Halloween, Christmas, the smell of pumpkin pie, and a copious amount of other things.


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