Year End Details

I made the previous post private, after realizing I sounded like a petty little brat. Needless to say, I hated my job, and I am over-the-moon to be done with it.

On my last day, where I worked 3.15 hours, I was treated like a leper. I was spoken to only out of necessity, not because anyone was genuinely interested in making me feel welcome. Unsure if I was going to be called in, I removed everything from my locker, locked the lock, and left my apron on a table in the breakroom. And in the three days since I left, I have encountered two people that worked with. One smiled and said “hello” (but she is awesome, and I love her), and the other probably didn’t know who the hell I was (I forgave him, since he worked in the backroom). Honestly, it was indicative of the two months I worked there.

Yesterday, I watched movies with my sister. And I told her that I missed the laziness. I don’t have any school to do, no job to make me take notice of the time, and it was just great. I also managed to finish a book, which helped me finish my book reading quota for the year. Five books is terrible, but for me, it was a triumph.

I am uploading the photos at the time I typed this, and I am going to do some final revisions to the stories, before scheduling them for post.


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