Sinister Feeling

Do you ever get the sense that your instructor/professor is out to get you? Because I do. And I know I have said this numerous times in the past, but this time I really mean it.

I have the same instructor I had for my “Context of Writing” for Advanced Fiction Writing, and I swear she has it out for me. She is overly critical of my story, while my classmates have very little to say critique-wise. My sister says it’s because she sees I have promise, and she is jealous. I don’t think of my writing that highly, especially the story I am writing for this class. I don’t know why, my heart just isn’t in this story any more. I have only three more weeks left of this class, and then I am on to Victorian Literature and Literary Theory. The sad part is I have to read The Great Gatsby. I somehow managed to avoid that story in high school, only to have it find me in college. I realize it’s one of those greats in American Literature, but I don’t even like To Kill a Mockingbird (I read it three times, my opinion isn’t changing), which everyone “highly recommends” others read.

I have one more revision of this story left (and the final has to be 8-10 pages, while I have four), and I need to make it a whopper. I just hope I don’t get this woman in any of my other future classes, because she clearly dislikes me.


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