I have pretty much been keeping this to myself for the last few days, but I got an email earlier in the week from Sigma Tau Delta, an English honor society that is for third-year-through-grad-school English majors with GPAs of 3.3 or higher. Since I am sitting at a 3.4, I got in. Unlike the other society whose practices I found wanting, this one is fully legitimate. I paid my one-time dues, and will be receiving all the membership items in the coming weeks.

Basically no one in my family knows, outside of my mom. I never got around to telling my youngest sister, who I live with. Other people in my family might see this as no big deal, or blow it way out of proportion.

I have to maintain a 3.3 or above GPA for the rest of my time in school (no pressure, right?) to remain in the society, and so I am on-edge over whether my grades for Adv. Fiction Writing and Psych will affect my GPA (they won’t, but I am anxious anyway).


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