There have been a lot of posts on Buzzfeed about scenes/characters that sparked readers’ sexual awakenings. Mine is always left off the list, mainly because it involves Tom Cruise. My sexual awakening came courtesy of Tom Cruise in 1995 when I saw Interview With a Vampire on HBO during a free preview weekend (those things exposed me to a lot of great films of the 1990s). I was laying in bed one hot summer night, watching a film about vampires (which also marked my first “taste” of vampires), and then the scene I am embedding occurs.

At the age of 12, I found this blond vampire with wavy hair strangely attractive. Something about Lestat walking around the bed, touching the mosquito netting looking at Louis like he was steak; it set my heart aflutter, and began a longtime love of vampires and the powerful sexuality they give off. Anyway…the bad stigma attached to Tom Cruise kind of obliterates him from any sexual awakening lists, even if Lt. Pete “Maverick” Mitchell or Lestat de Lioncourt did such things.


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