What Have I Been Up To?

I haven’t written a post (except that post about my dream) since April 6. What have I been doing for the last three weeks? Basically working my butt off for two classes that have me feeling underwhelmed. The most interesting thing I learned in my Literary Theory class is about Feminism in literature, mainly The Great Gatsby. I found F. Scott Fitzgerald’s most famous novel dry, but the other novel we were assigned was even worse. Ceremony by Leslie Marmon Silko had a promising plot, about a Native American man who struggles with his identity post-WW II in addition to suffering from PTSD, but it was even more dry than Gatsby. I am beginning to think I should stop reading classic American literature because I don’t have the same opinions as everyone else.

And it’s for all of these reasons that my advisor (angel that she is) informed me that there will be a Seminar in British Lit. in the beginning of the fall term. Of course, it fills up quick. So, I will be sitting in front of the computer May 19th to register. It’s hard to imagine that when fall term starts, I will only have two terms left until I am done. And there are terms like this one where it feels like I am still a sophomore it is going so slow.

I also went and saw The Age of Adaline with my mom two weeks ago, for a free screening the week before the movie opened. In three words it was awesome. Michiel Huisman was the icing on the cake, but Harrison Ford was awesome. It was the first movie in a long time that my mom has actually wanted to see more than once, as well as own (she believes if you’ve seen a movie once, you don’t need to own it). I cannot say the right words about this film, but it was great.

This week is a free one, barring the discussions and short paper I have to do, and then I have five days off between terms. I need this break. I keep saying I have senioritis (except I would never let my grades drop significantly), even though I am not technically a senior by credit standing. And then it’s onto Shakespeare and Social Psychology.


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