Dream Involving David Tennant

I woke up at 4 am to write out this dream. And in doing the necessary research for photos, I realized that I may not have seen every episode of David Tennant’s Tenth Doctor, but I remember the colors in his brown pinstripe suit.

Had a dream where David Tennant was my English teacher(this is a recurring dream). He walks up to the desk where I am sitting with my classmates/friends who are girls, although I actually sit next to a guy who has a crush on me. He’s got these notebooks that we used to write stories for an assignment based on the prompt on the first page in his hands, and he’s talking about how most of us in the row did well, and one of us got a zero. He plops mine down, and opens the flap to reveal the zero. Tears automatically sting my eyes, but I’m not full on crying. I explain that I wrote the story, and while he agrees, he felt it wasn’t in depth enough. He reminds me of the prompt, to which I reply that I haven’t been in a relationship (I was thinking of Ryan), which gets me a sympathetic smile, but the grade stands. I remember my GPA and that I have to keep a 3.4, and am now worried about what the zero will do. Then I begin crying silently, which prompts him to walk away.

I look up and say, ” I wasn’t crying to try and have you give me another chance.”

He had the long Doctor Ten hair, with a tan/brown-blue pinstripe on his waistcoat and pants.

How do I know it was David and not Doctor Ten? The accent, which was Tennant’s native Scottish accent. And I realize that in an episode of Doctor Who he spoke with a Scottish accent, but he was more like the actor rather than the Doctor as a teacher.


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