What a Difference Two Years Makes

I was looking through my posts from when I first moved into my apartment, and I came across this:


A photo I took of my Program Evaluation when I was still early into my college experience. I look at those numbers and marvel how much they have changed. And in the post where I found this, I was patting myself on the back for my GPA. Which brings me to this:


This is my current Program Evaluation. Oddly enough, the total credits required went from 126 to 123. I emailed my Advisor about this, because I had checked my evaluation last night and it read 126. I am eager to see what she has to say about that. And my GPA surprised me when I was checking my grades last week. I don’t think I have had a 3.5 since I was a freshman or sophomore. I hope it stays that high, because I might get some sort of special honor roll for it (but I don’t really know).

Anyway, this was just some short random post that I thought you might enjoy.


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