I was on Facebook, and saw this article on celebrating 20 years of Silverchair. Because they are one of my favorite bands, I figured I would get in on this and share my favorites, like in the article.

First exposure to Silverchair: It was 1999, and the band was actually playing at my high school as promotion for their third album, Neon Ballroom. My friends begged me to accompany them to the quad to see them, but because I was in the middle of my Bubblegum pop phase (‘NSYNC and Backstreet Boys or die, was my motto), I wouldn’t. BIGGEST MISTAKE OF MY LIFE. In late June of that same year, something sparked in me to check their music out. I went onto my parent’s computer, signed on to Amazon, and listened to the only song that they had available for thirty-second preview: Ana’s Song (Open Fire). There is this part, (that begins at 1:45) that just grabbed me and shook me from this Pop music stupor I had been in. And that was the end of it.

Favorite Song: I have so many, but I obviously have say it is Ana’s Song (Open Fire). It being the first song of theirs I heard, the song that opened my eyes that there was more to music in 1999 than just boy bands, and the mere fact that it was the first song in years (if ever, at that point) that spoke to my sixteen-year-old soul.

Favorite album: Again, this is another tough choice, but Neon Ballroom. As with their last two albums, there are maybe two songs I cannot stand listening to, but as a whole it was an awesome album. I had never listened to the first song on the album, because it started out so abruptly, until my best friend threw me a going-away party the next year. I basically listened to that song the entire trip from San Diego to New Hampshire. You’d think after seven days of listening to it for hours on end, I’d be sick of it, but I still listen to it with just as much feeling as I had when I was sixteen. That album took me through a lot of stuff in my younger years.

Most memorable live experience: Obviously, I have never seen them live. They broke up twice over the course of my listening to their albums, the last time being the most likely of them never getting back together. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t depressed for a couple of days after that announcement. I now have to pin my desire to see them live on Muse, another band whom I worship just as hard as I do Silverchair.


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