The New Poltergeist–contains spoilers

I just in my infinite wisdom, decided to watch a video on famous horror movie quotes. Now, I have the heebie-jeebies. Because of spoilers, I urge you to only read this if you have no intention of seeing the movie, or don’t care about spoilers.

I saw the re-imagining of Poltergeist over the weekend, and I have to say it was interesting. As someone who has seen the 1982 version numerous times and still gets freaked out when I do, I went into the cinema hoping for the same experience. And for the most part, I did. Obviously things have changed over the last 33 years. Movies like Poltergeist have to have a little more than just psychological thrills to make it in today’s market (although I can still get freaked with the suggested and not seen), and that is what the re-imagining is like.

It kept a few of the same plot points as the original, like:

  • The young girl, now named Madison, as the center of focus for the spirits
  • The older brother is slightly neurotic, and is attacked by an evil clown doll (I hate that thing) and a tree
  • There is an older sister, who annoys me to no living end
  • Parents who are oblivious to what is happening
  • Young girl is taken into the “other” through the closet, although she went willingly (unlike the original)
  • The house was built on a cemetery where the bodies weren’t transferred
  • There are paranormal experts, who in this re-imagining provide comic relief.

What is different is its relevance to the current time period. The dad lost his job, and they’re struggling to figure out how to keep afloat. The oldest daughter lives and breathes her phone and laptop, and when she loses one of those, turns into an ogre. One of the paranormal people is this young male intern who thinks that the family is making this stuff up to get money (which really calls to many current events), until he finds out firsthand they aren’t making this up. 

While it wasn’t very frightening, I enjoyed myself.


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